Saturday, October 18, 2008

AFJ Bonnie Berube and Nutritional Analysis

Bonnie Berube presented on nutritional analysis and gave a handout detailing the information. This will be posted on the AFJ website since it is information dense and I would be hard pressed to summarize accurately in real time.

She did point out the gluten intolerance craze and other allergens have impacted nutritional analysis. IBS is the trendy new disease.

Berube has found some resistance to packaging things as healthy so she recommends using other terms.

While many people keep an eye on fat content, most of the average consumers do not pay as close attention to sodium and fiber content. Her company also does labeling, with one employee doing boudin.

Berube offered her website,, as a resource. For foreign foods, there are two options. If you're using ballpark shot or no physician needs the accurate information, you could use a substitution. But that can raise issues.

Berube was asked for a recommendation for a nutritional database program for food editors. her company has looked at programs through the years. She likes Nutritionist Pro, which is user friendly and gives sound information. They also have good technical support.

It was asked if Berube's firm did analysis by serving or by portion. Their company analyzes by portion, which may be multiple servings. Most restaurants don't want to reduce portions since they think customers will not patronize them. Also, look at the largest item on some platters. It's usually some fried item like French fries.

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